Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Veto the Pay Raise

Worst roads in the nation? Check.
Failing public schools? Check.
Corruption? Check.
Too much regulation? Check.
Taxes too high? Check.
Despite the failure of leadership among our elected officials, the City employees have decided to treat themselves to meals on taxpayer money, and the legislature decided they needed their pay doubled. Governor Jindal needs to grow a pair and veto the pay raise.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Red Light Cameras on St. Charles Avenue are a Bad Idea

The City has decided to put up red light cameras in a desperate grab for more taxpayer money. Mark my words, this will follow the same pattern as it has in every other city that has done this: (1) initially, the City will raise a bunch of money catching people running red lights; (2) people will figure out where the lights are and slam on the brakes as they approach those intersections to avoid a ticket, causing lots of injuries and property damage in rear-end accidents; (3) as the accidents pile up and people learn better, they will avoid red light tickets more and more, causing the City to "earn" less money off the backs of taxpayers; and (4) the City, desperate to keep this new source of taxpayer money flowing, will shorten the yellow light time at the ticketing intersections in order to catch more people, leading to more accidents, etc. Red light cameras are a bad idea anywhere, but they're particularly idiotic on historic St. Charles Avenue, where they've been sprouting up lately with an ugly gray box in the middle of the neutral ground, unsightly tall poles with ugly cameras attached, and attention-grabbing street signs announcing a red light intersection.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

More Jefferson Family Criminals

Pretty soon they'll be hosting Jefferson family reunions in prison. I am shocked -- SHOCKED -- to report that Dollar Bill isn't the only criminal in his family. A group of them, including assessor Betty Jefferson, set up bogus "non-profits" that were designed to take taxpayer money and profit the Jeffersons. I reported this before, and Forgotston has given this great coverage. There is no legitimate (or Constitutional) justification for the government to confiscate taxpayer money only to dole it out to pet non-profits of their choosing, whether they are legitimate or criminal. Just return this money to the taxpayers, who can distribute it as they see fit a lot better that our politicians can.