Thursday, February 08, 2007

John Georges Puts $2 Million into Governor's Race

John Georges has contributed $2 million to his gubernatorial campaign. “I have placed $2 million of my own money into the John Georges for Governor account,” said Georges. “Considering what we are all going through, the people of Louisiana deserve a choice for our next leader and I am willing to put my résumé of business success and public service against the others in this race. We are all tired of politicians telling us what we want to hear, we need someone who is going to actually do something."


LionGirl said...

This is great news -- I am creaped out by so many people supporting Jindal so early -- it seems the fix is on --- and it is good to see we will have a candidate who is free of the special interests!

Nola Blogger said...

Democrats always try to play the class warfare card -- "he's trying to buy the elction" - but I don't mind seeing a candidate have some personal money on the line.