Thursday, September 06, 2007

Weak Field Running for City Council At-Large

So far, a weak field of candidates has signed up to run in the October 20 special election to replace criminal Oliver Thomas. Diana Bajoie, Jackie Clarkson, Cynthis Willard-Lewis, Gail Masters Reimonenq (a cousin of Stan Pampy Barre) and Dyan French have entered the race, and Tommie Vassel is expected to declare today. This is not a stellar group, and none of these candidates seems likely to change anything for the better. We need to do better than this.


Louis said...

I agree, this is not a 'stellar' group, mostly same old crew we've seen before. Unfortunately, with today being the last day to qualify, I'm not expecting any great surprises!

Nola Blogger said...

Mostly retreads with a few nutjobs thrown into the mix for entertainment.