Friday, August 17, 2007

Eddie Jordan Should Resign

I saw the bumper sticker at left -- Eddie Jordan Should Resign -- on a car the other day and tracked it down and ordered one. It is available for order here.

We are now long past the time for Eddie Jordan to resign. His first act upon taking office was an expensive one, costing taxpayers millions of dollars in a subsequent court judgment, now affirmed by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, for the mass firing of white workers in the DA's office. That alone ought to cause him to be forced to resign. Why is politics so different from the real world? Imagine in your own job if the boss disgraced your company and committed some sort of blunder that cost the company millions of dollars -- the boss would be gone in a second. Why do voters allow this sort of incompetence to continue with our elected officials?

Aside from his incompetent and racist employment practices, the far more important issue is crime. Today's Times-Picayune reports that violent crime continues to increase, with murders, rapes, armed robberies and assaults up 31%. Where is Eddie Jordan during all of this? Since Katrina, the only times he has resurfaced is when absolutely forced to, such as when called to appear before the City Council. The DA needs to be a hammer who is constantly out there aggressively fighting crime. Does Eddie Jordan show even the slightest sense of urgency about the increasing problem?

Rumors have been circulating for months that Jordan is on the take. It's hard to tell whether his problem is corruption or just massive incompetence, but either way, he needs to go.


Anonymous said...

if he was a white man you know al sharpton and jesse jackson would have been here holding a morch to get him out of office!come on we need to get together and stand up for our equal rights!lets protest and get eddie jordan out and get our white family back in to work and clean up new orleans!

Nola Blogger said...

Let's just remove Jordan from office and replace him with someone competent and not corrupt, regardless of skin color.

Anonymous said...

oh please.....remove him and let who in? Half of you judgemental bastards don't live, or never lived in "orleans parish", so why do you care? When Eddie was in federal court locking up people ..he was okay then right? Why talk shit anonymously? How about you give a name and address..lets see how bold you are...cowards...Ediie is competent, just as "Harry Lee" fat Hawaiian DEAD is was ...give me break.