Tuesday, August 21, 2007

NOPD Second District E-Mail Blasts

On August 21st at or about 8:00 am, a female victim was sitting on her porch in the 4400 block of Loyola - waiting for a cab. At that time a young black male approached her on a bicycle. The suspect pulled out a handgun and attempted to rob the victim. The suspect was startled when the taxi cab pulled up and he fled on his bicycle. Because the suspect was more concerned about the cab driver than where he was riding, he was hit by another motorist. He then fled on foot, but was soon captured by officers. Officers also recovered the handgun used in the offense. The suspect is a known 16 year old juvenile. His information cannot be released. We believe this robbery is related to the one which occurred yesterday in the 4200 block of Baronne Street. Detectives are following up on this investigation and will show a photo lineup in this case.
On August 20th at or about 5:30pm, three young black males were observed riding bicycles on along Webster Street. The suspects were checking door handles of parked cars. A witness to the activity followed the suspects in his vehicle. The witness confronted the suspects at Arabella Street and Garfield Street, challenging their actions. At that time, one of the suspects pulled out a handgun and fired at the witness. One bullet struck the witnesses vehicle, but the witness was unharmed. A .380 caliber casing was located on the scene. There are no descriptions on the three suspects.


Clay said...

Here's the email I got (all typos in original):

At about 6:00pm last night 3 shots were fired at the corner of Arabella & Garfield, striking one windshield and narrowly missing a young woman riding her bike. The young lady ran screaming down our driveway where Lisa let her in the house and I called 9-1-1. Robby had just been outside with the dog and there were other people all over the place.

Here’s what happened. Three yutes on bikes were headed away from the Park on Garfield. They were pulling car door handles and looking for opportunities. An older man began following them and trying to call the neighborhood patrol. As they crossed Arabella by the cemetery, one of the yutes turned and began firing at the man’s car – striking his windshield (I don’t know where the other two bullets ended up). The young lady was at the wrong place/wrong time. She was on Garfield headed toward the park and just as she passed the yutes, they started shooting. She thought they were shooting at her, so she threw down her bike and began running.

I am beyond enraged. I am fed up with the lack of protection from New Orleans Private Patrol, the brazenness of the yutes and their lack of fear or concern and I refuse to accept this as “life in New Orleans”. One bright spot was that the young lady is an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Jim Letten’s office. The U.S. Marshal’s are involved, and hopefully they can help catch the three yutes (who N.O.P.D have been after for several days for a string of car break-ins and robberies). To be continued….

Nola Blogger said...

Thanks, Clay. Unfortunately, lots of e-mails about Uptown crime have been circulating lately.

The German said...

Check out this Walter E. Williams opinion piece here. Maybe what he suggests is the solution.

Nola Blogger said...

People need to push back against the criminals. The NOPD and DA aren't doing anything to push back, so citizens need to.

Anonymous said...

I was a witness to two of the yutes. NOPD is doing a great job with two of them in custody as of tonight (Sat, Sept 1st). I have been interviewed twice and id'd yutes via photo line ups.

Remember it is up to us to protect our community.

Nola Blogger said...

Good job, anonymous. I agree. Thanks.