Saturday, June 30, 2007

B-Stupid Outsmarted by the Feds

Brilliant criminal mastermind and Mensa member Ivory Brandon "B-Stupid" Harris was outsmarted by federal authorities, leading to his arrest and guilty plea on charges of violating drug trafficking and firearms laws. B-Stupid admits that he, Calvert "Soulja" Magee, Jr. and others conspired to deal at least 50 grams of crack cocaine, heroin and marijuana and that he played a part in the Fat Tuesday 2006 fatal shooting of Jermaine "Manny" Wise. Who would have thought that "B-Stupid" would be smart enough to out think a guy named "Wise"? Police say B-Stupid has been running the streets of Uptown for years, leaving a trail of violence and crime in his wake. With a nickname like B-Stupid, I never thought the feds had a chance of outwitting him.

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