Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sammy Kershaw Versus Mitch Landrieu

Country singer Sammy Kershaw is running for Lieutenant Governor against incumbent Mitch Landrieu. Sammy's hits include "She Don't Know She's Beautiful." He is married to Lorrie Morgan, her fifth marriage. She has experience with entertainers turned politicians, having dated Fred Thompson in the 1990s.


Anonymous said...

so is lorrie morgan supporting ehis new move of sammy kershaw to
run for office???????? so far all we have heard is her support of fred thompson wahats up with that

Anonymous said...

Take a look at his announcement video.
Who do you think that is right behind him Goldilocks?

Nola Blogger said...

I haven't heard that Lorrie Morgan is not supporting Sammy's run. I searched around a bit and didn't see anything. They had some marital trouble a while back, but I didn't see anything too recent or anything specifically about this election.