Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pizza Hut Helps NOPD

Larry Lundy, the owner and operator of more than 50 Pizza Hut franchises in the state, donated 3,600 square feet of corporate office space, and in less than 45 days it was transformed from a former dentist's office to a spotless New Orleans Police Department district police station. The former station -- home to 75 officers -- was comprised of one-room FEMA trailers. Space was limited, supplies were scant, and morale was tested, officers said. They shared one bathroom, which didn't have a sink.

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Anonymous said...

The building was not a dentist office exclusively - it was their headquarters. They no longer have a headquarters in New Orleans and have a very small office in Baton Rouge that their New Orleans staff need to commute to because he no longer lives in New Orleans.