Sunday, June 03, 2007

State of the City: Blame Everyone But Nagin

Mayor Ray Nagin gave his State of the City address and blamed everybody on the planet except for himself for the City's sluggish recovery. The full text of his remarks are here.
"It's not our fault that the levees breached that the federal government built," he said, launching into the speech's singular moment of unscripted oratory and rousing the night's only standing ovation. "It's not our fault that we were stranded and left. It's not our fault that the Road Home program has issued only 12 percent of the grants after almost two years. It's not our fault that our water system is leaking today. It's not our fault."

To see local bloggers who disliked the speech, see Moldy City, Library Chronicles, et al. For bloggers who liked the speech, see here: .


Anonymous said...

His speech was uninspiring.

Nola Blogger said...

It was. There was little sense of real renewal and optimism. His patting himself on the back fell flat. You would have thought he cured cancer with his self-admiration over trash collection. And calling the crime problem "blips" trivializes a serious problem.