Friday, June 29, 2007

Outsource Your Own Job and Pocket the Difference

Wired Magazine writes about a programmer who outsourced his own job to a developer in India. He earned $67,000 and paid the Indian $12,000 to do the same job, spending only 90 minutes a day working.
"About a year ago I hired a developer in India to do my job. I pay him $12,000 to do the job I get paid $67,000 for. He's happy to have the work. I'm happy that I only have to work 90 minutes a day, talking code. My employer thinks I'm telecommuting. Now I'm considering getting a second job and doing the same thing."
Considering getting a second job? He should get 10 jobs and outsource them all.

Besides outsourcing your own job, you can also outsource your personal life -- I'll post more on that soon.

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